How to Make The Most of Your Stuck-cation [Flowchart]

How to Make The Most of Your Stuck-cation [Flowchart]

More often than not, things don’t go exactly according to plan. Delayed and canceled flights become missed holidays or postponed events. Recently, an entire commercial shut-down for the COVID-19 health crisis. When things go awry, don't lose hope of the long-awaited holiday or event you’ve been anticipating over the last few months. 

Luckily, delayed trips and canceled flights create an opportunity to improvise, adapt, and overcome. If it's difficult to find the inspiration for an at-home activity on your own, match your personality to the perfect confined activity in the flowchart below. Plus, browse extra tips to make the most of the situation and celebrate the simple things.  

Use Sensory Effects

Sensory effects are some of the simplest ways to encourage a positive mood. The use of sound effects or smells and even simple visuals of quality photography can have a direct impact on your attitude. 

illustration of oil diffuser and candles

Think of the destination you want to create. If you want to be at the beach, put on sunscreen and a subtle white noise of waves to recreate the environment. Similarly, emulate a cabin in the woods by lighting a cedar candle, toasting some marshmallows, and listening to a virtual crackling fire. 

By doing this, you’re triggering sensory-based memories. These triggers work best for destinations you’ve visited, but that’s not to say you can’t enjoy a simulated relaxing evening by the fire if you’re in a tropical location. Try these sensory effects to mimic your ideal holiday:

  • Light a scented candle.
  • Browse photos of your desired destination.
  • Play white noise in the background.
  • Eat foods specific to your region of choice.

Get Virtual

Many companies have pivoted to the use of virtual platforms in the wake of the health crisis. From wine and cheese pairings to virtual trips around some of the most famous landmarks in the world, there are endless worlds to explore during your armchair travels.

illustration of friends on video chat

Blast off into space, and learn about the life of astronauts from the International Space Station. Conversely, learn to cook Italian food from a Michelin-awarded chef. Without the need to spend your evening traveling to a single new destination, you’ll be able to travel to many. Take advantage of today’s digital world by supporting local individuals and businesses, while expanding your ideas towards a diversified world-view. Hop online and stay entertained with these freebies:

  • Try out a new virtual yoga class.
  • Visit one of America's 61 National Parks.
  • Check out a new band with concerts that have moved online. 

Embody New Cultures

One of the most common reasons to explore new cities, countries, and continents lies in the cultural significance of each area. Although nothing compares to living with full immersion, you can appreciate different cultures with food, language, and music. 

illustration of Isreal

Research a particular area. Gather information about the dialect, common recipes, music, and art. Practice their local language, and create a traditional dish. Consider connecting with a penpal using online forums and write to your newfound friend about what you’ve discovered. Finish your evening with a documentary highlighting your selected region for an enriching evening activity. Turn on the burner and get cooking with these travel-inspired dishes:

  • Explore new heights by channeling the Swiss Alps complete with fondue.
  • Spice up your life with an Indian curry.
  • Get a plethora of tapas and imagine you're on the beaches of Spain.

Make Time for Fresh Air

Studies have proven that being outside can significantly reduce stress and related mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression. The research goes on to explore the benefits of simulated interaction with nature. So, even if you’re stuck inside with poor weather, you can still retrieve some of the calming effects of being outside with landscape photographs. 

illustration of river in a desert

The increase of mood-boosting hormones, like dopamine, that nature brings are enough to frame a few of your favorite images or step outside for a brisk walk. If mother nature won’t allow for a comfortable time outside, consider organizing your favorite photos and creating an album based on a scenic destination. Bring your favorite plants or fresh flowers to a comfy corner in your house to enjoy. Channel your inner child with these blasts from the past:

  • Grab some chalk and design a sidewalk.
  • Pitch a tent for an evening outside.
  • Tye dye a shirt and enjoy some sunshine.

Re-Create a Luxe Holiday

Did you miss your holiday to hot springs or face massages? Or, maybe you could use a little me time because your long-awaited trip was canceled. Regardless, there are simple activities you can do to enjoy self-care for rest and rejuvenation. 

illustration of woman relaxing in the bath

Start with a few luscious deep breaths, and draw a warm bath or take a long, luxurious shower. Consider some of the holistic benefits that things like sound baths, meditation, and yoga can bring, and try and quiet your mind to enjoy you-time wholeheartedly. 

Follow-up by curling up with a good book, and ordering a fancier than average meal. You may not be able to travel for a holiday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your newfound time. Try a few of these luxurious at-home ideas to enhance your stuck-cation:

  • Buy an item that’s been on your wishlist.
  • Enjoy the bottle of wine you’ve been saving for an occasion.
  • Use a special face mask.
  • Hire a professional for yard work or house cleaning.

Delays and cancellations don’t have to mean that you require time to take care of yourself. By making time to reconnect with nature, taking advantage of virtual options, using sensory effects, or spoiling yourself with luxurious treats, you can easily turn stuck into a stuck-cation.

Based on your personality and interests, find the perfect stuck-cation activity using the flowchart below.

How to turn stuck into stuck-cation


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