Hungary Stands Firm Against EU Migration Pact, Vows to Protect Borders

Hungary Stands Firm Against EU Migration Pact, Vows to Protect Borders

Hungary is standing firm against the European Union’s (EU) new migration pact. They are committed to keeping their borders tight and saying no to illegal migration.

Important figures in Hungary have criticized the pact, warning that it might make Europe’s migration problem worse and weaken the continent’s identity.

Protecting borders for nine years

Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó declared that Hungary has kept the Schengen area and EU borders safe for nine years.

Despite this, Brussels keeps pushing for Hungary to ease its border policies, offering no support.

“Opening gates to illegal migrants”

Fidesz MEP Balázs Hidvéghi strongly criticized the migration pact, asserting that it would make it easier for illegal migrants to enter Europe and could lead to more areas where migrants live separately.

Hidvéghi argued that the pact would make it harder to send back people who do not have the right to stay, because decisions about who can stay would be made after they arrive.

He said that the main problem is protecting Europe’s identity, way of life, norms, culture, and traditions, which he thinks are at risk because of mass migration.

“It is in reality a social transformation project that is imposed upon the European people,” he said, expressing concern about the lack of input from the public.

Hungary’s unwavering stance amid Western pressure

Despite increasing pressure from Western European countries, Hungary continues to firmly oppose illegal migration. Government officials have strongly criticized the EU pact, seeing it as a challenge to border security and European principles.

The New Pact on Migration and Asylum tackles important issues like which state should handle migrants and asylum seekers upon their arrival, and whether other EU nations should be obligated to assist.

However, the most contentious aspect of the plan is setting up border facilities within the EU to accommodate asylum seekers, and swiftly assess and return those deemed ineligible.

Hungary emerges as vocal opponent

In the ongoing discussions about the EU’s migration policies, Hungary has become a prominent voice against them.

The Hungarian government is adamant about following its own path by strengthening its borders and refusing measures that it believes encourage unregulated migration.