EU President Jean-Claude Juncker Eager to Implement ETIAS

EU President Jean-Claude Juncker Eager to Implement ETIAS

On an October 20th meeting of EU representatives, EU President Jean-Claude Juncker was keen to adopt a revised Code of the Schengen Borders for the purposes of establishing the European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS), thus enabling the EU countries to adopt the visa waiver system before the start of the year 2020.

The ETIAS system will enable European countries to perform advanced security checks on visa-exempt travellers, similar to what the United States does using the ESTA visa waiver. This would ultimately allow the EU to deny entry to travellers who are deemed as a possible threat to security all while driving revenue for bloc. At a price of €50 per ETIAS visa waiver, it is estimated the ETIAS could generate over €2 billion in revenue starting in 2020.

The EU commission is expected to reach a decision on ETIAS by November 2016. For more news and information to updates regarding ETIAS, visit us at