Digital Nomad Index

Digital Nomad Index

We can now work anywhere that works for us. Whether the location is a beach, a mountain, or a snowy escape, wherever has a strong wifi connection can be added to the list of potential workspaces for digi-nomads! 

To discover where the best capital cities for digi-nomads are, our researchers at ETIAS.COM have looked into different factors such as broadband speed, crime rates, the number of co-working spaces, and more… 

Digi-nomad capitals mapped

The best digi-nomad capitals have a few things in common, with a majority of the top cities boasting good wifi connections and remote visas for workers.

A potential hotspot for remote workers is Europe, with 14 out of the top 25 capitals residing there, including Madrid, Prague, Berlin and Prague. 

Six out of the top 25 cities were in Asia, making it the second-best continent for remote workers. The six cities included Beijing, Singapore, Bangkok, Seoul, Jakarta, and Tokyo. 

North America is the third-best continent for digi-nomads, with three capitals in the top 25 cities (Mexico City, San Jose, and Washington). Only one capital in South America made the list (Santiago) and one capital in Oceania (Canberra). 

A map showing the top locations for digital nomads.

Top digi-nomad cities

All but two of the top eight digi-nomad capitals are in Europe, with the only capitals outside of Europe being Mexico City (North America), and Beijing (Asia). 

The best city for remote workers is Madrid, which has the highest total score when ranked for broadband speed, cost of living, crime rate, and other factors. In second place is Mexico City, and Prague comes in third.  

A graphic ranking digital nomad cities from 1 to 10.

Do I need an ETIAS VISA to travel to any of these locations?

Travelers that do not need any kind of visa to visit EU Schengen countries currently, will not need to apply for an ETIAS Visa until 2023. All other travelers will need to apply for an ETIAS Visa now, visit this page to get started.


Researchers at ETIAS gathered data for 154 capital cities across the world and ranked them based on broadband speed, cost of living, crime rates, number of co-working spaces, average cost of a hot desk per month, remote visas available to workers, cost of a coffee and cost of a meal. 

Each city was provided with a score for each factor and then given an overall digi-nomad score. The cities with the highest score were ranked best. Data available on request.