Cyprus Tourism Demand Strong Despite Slight Revenue Dip in January 2024

Cyprus Tourism Demand Strong Despite Slight Revenue Dip in January 2024

Despite a slight decline in tourism revenue in January 2024, demand for Cyprus as a travel destination remains strong, according to industry experts.

Even though the overall amount of revenue went up by just 0.9% compared to last year, individual tourists spent about 1.9% more on average.

British tourists lead the way

British tourists, Cyprus’ largest tourist market, accounted for 18.6% of total visitors in January 2024. Their daily spending saw an increase from €49.84 in January 2023 to €52.73 this year.

Laura Jackson, who manages media and public relations at the Travel Association, is confident that the interest in Cyprus from UK tourists will stay strong. She expects the number of tourists from the UK to be similar to what it has been in recent years.

Polish and Greek markets on the rise

Poland emerged as Cyprus’ second-largest tourist market in January 2024, with 18.2% of total visitors.

Polish tourists spent an average of €67.90 per day, up from €62.61 in January 2023. 

Meanwhile, Greek tourists, the third-largest market at 11.8%, increased their daily spending from €35.97 to €40.85 year-over-year.

Israeli spending dips, but market remains strong

Despite a decrease in daily spending from €145.63 in January 2023 to €118.34 this year, Israeli tourists maintained their position as Cyprus’ fourth-largest market.

Their contribution to the island’s tourism industry remains significant.

New horizons in travel to Cyprus

The steady tourism demand in Cyprus bodes well for visitors to the European Union (EU), especially as the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) launches in mid-2025.

This visa-waiver program will streamline travel for Schengen visa-exempt tourists exploring the island’s attractions.

Long-term stays by families, investors, digital nomads, and students could also see a boost from Cyprus’ enduring appeal.

Cyprus calls on EU immigration policies

As an EU member state, Cyprus’ immigration policies align with the Schengen area’s regulations.

The country’s continued popularity could influence discussions around facilitating travel and residency for Europeans.

Policymakers may consider measures to attract skilled workers, entrepreneurs, and long-term visitors from the EU.

Steady waters ahead for Cyprus tourism

While Cyprus experienced a slight dip in tourism revenue in January 2024, the island’s appeal as a travel destination remains steady, with key markets like the UK, Poland, and Greece showing positive trends in visitor numbers and spending.

The industry’s resilience and the continued interest from travelers bode well for Cyprus’ tourism sector in the coming months.