Five Countries Felons Can Visit and What They Need To Travel

Five Countries Felons Can Visit and What They Need To Travel

Those convicted of felonies in the United States often have difficulty entering other countries. Such countries as Australia, Canada, and Japan restrict access to travelers with criminal records. 

This does not mean that felons are unable to travel, however. Many countries allow felons to enter as long as they meet specific criteria.


Nestled alongside the Eastern Alps, Austria is a charming country filled with alpine views, medieval architecture, and vibrant city centers. The capital city, Vienna, is undoubtedly Austria’s most popular destination. 

Here, tourists can enjoy such marvelous sites as Schönbrunn Palace and Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna, the historic center of Vienna. For those who can brave the cold, winter is one of the best times to visit Vienna. 

The snow-draped city is festively decorated during the holiday season with lights and reefs. Christmas Markets are also full of spring, where visitors can enjoy seasonal Austrian delicacies such as Glühwein and Kartoffelpuffer.


While it’s not the most popular destination in the UK, Ireland should undoubtedly be on anyone’s bucket list. Dublin is Ireland’s most popular destination, famous for its old-school pubs, breweries, distilleries, and smattering of medieval architecture. 

A trip outside of Dublin is undoubtedly worth the effort, however. The Cliffs of Moher boast some of the most dramatic views along the Atlantic Coast.

Can Felons Go on Cruises?

Cruises are trendy vacation activities in North Atlantic countries like Ireland, Denmark, and Norway. This may make felons wonder if they can go on cruises. 

The answer is usually yes. Felons eligible to fly and leave the United States will also be eligible to go on cruises. Cruises can be excellent options for felons who cannot obtain passports. 

Some closed-loop cruises do not require passports, meaning cruises that start and end in the same port. These are most often Caribbean cruises that originate in cities like Miami.


Felons are welcome to vacation in one of Europe’s most popular destinations: Italy. Italy is desirable for travelers because of its excellent food culture, geographical diversity, and rich history. 

No matter the region, tourists can always find world-class food in Italy. After all, food is one of the cornerstones of Italian culture. 

What makes Italy a top-tier vacation destination, though, is the wide range of experiences it offers. From relaxing on the white sand beaches of Atrani to cruising down the canals of Venice to enjoying the historical significance of Rome, there is no shortage of memorable activities in Italy.


An island vacation like no other, Iceland is one of the best destinations for those who want to bask in significant natural beauty. Defined by its landscape of volcanoes, lava fields, geysers, and hot springs, this Nordic nation is as unforgiving as it is stunning. 

Lake Myvatn is an excellent representative of what Iceland is all about. Formed by a series of volcanic eruptions and ongoing geothermal events, this area features land and water features seemingly from another planet.

Tourists want to hike Iceland’s glaciers and dip in its hot springs. Still, the marquee event is none other than the Aurora Borealis. Otherwise known as the Northern Lights, this phenomenon is renowned as one of the wonders of the natural world. 

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic, also known as Czechia, is an excellent destination for travelers searching for a spark of romance. After all, Prague is often regarded as one of the most romantic cities in the world. 

This is thanks to incredibly preserved Gothic architecture, which transports its visitors to another era. In addition to its beautiful city design and wealth of museums, Prague is also known for being one of Europe's most affordable vacation destinations.

What Travel Restrictions Do Felons Face?

Before planning a vacation, there are several considerations felons must make. Some felons may not be eligible to travel at all.

Can Felons Leave the United States?

After completing their sentence and post-prison sentence, such as probation, felons can travel outside the United States. The Fifth Amendment protects this right. That said, travel is restricted to those with pending cases or who:

  • Have a child support debt of at least $25,000.
  • Are on a supervised release program for committing a federal crime, felony, or possessing a controlled substance.
  • The court forbade them from leaving the country.
  • Have impending court hearings for a felony or federal crime.
  • They were convicted of drug trafficking.

What Do Felons Need To Enter Europe?

Before planning a trip, felons should confirm that their destination does not restrict entry to felons. Each of the above countries on this list is an excellent choice for felons. 

Before travel, felons should also look into ETIAS. As early as 2025, all non-EU citizens must register for ETIAS, an electronic visa-waiver program, before entering Europe.

Does ETIAS Restrict Felons?

ETIAS applies to all non-EU citizens, including felons. The purpose of ETIAS is to create a digital database of each traveler who will be entering each Schengen country on any given day, enriching and expediting the identity verification process. 

While this requires an extra step for non-EU travelers, the registration process is quick, approval lasts for three years, and travel will be safer and more efficient than before.


While felons may face certain travel restrictions from other countries, many countries can still enjoy a vacation. Before travel, felons must ensure they are eligible to depart the United States and enter their destination country. 

Furthermore, ETIAS will soon become a critical step in the travel process for all non-EU travelers.



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