Brussels Airport Boosts Belgium’s Economy by €5.4 Billion

Brussels Airport Boosts Belgium’s Economy by €5.4 Billion

A study conducted by UAntwerp and UCLouvain universities found that in 2019, Brussels Airport played a significant role in contributing €5.4 billion to Belgium’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The research, based on pre-pandemic data, reveals the airport’s significant economic impact.

Direct employment and value generation

The research discovered that companies associated with airports had 21,773 full-time employees in 2019, which is around 4,000 more than in 2015.

These companies generated a net contribution of €2.3 billion, €700 million more than four years prior.

Indirect effects on employment and economy

Businesses supplying services to the airport employed an additional 17,399 FTEs, indirectly contributing €1.622 billion in added value.

The research also looked at the secondary impacts of employee salaries, generating an additional €1.483 billion in value-added and 15,615 full-time jobs.

Catalytic effects on trade and tourism

Academics estimated the airport’s catalytic effects on investments, trade, and tourism, equating to €8.83 billion or 1.85% of Belgium’s 2019 GDP.

This confirms Brussels Airport's role as the country's second economic hub and growth driver.

Brussels Airport’s economic impact study highlights its crucial role in Belgium's economy, said CEO Arnaud Feist.

The airport’s activities not only create jobs but also stimulate growth in various sectors.

Smooth travels for EU visitors

Brussels Airport has a significant economic influence that goes beyond Belgium, making it easier for people around the world to travel.

With the upcoming launch of the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) in mid-2025, the airport will play a key role in ensuring smooth entry for travelers under this new visa waiver program.

Attracting global talent and investment

As a key economic hub, Brussels Airport plays a crucial role in Belgium’s immigration policies.

Belgium’s dedication to welcoming skilled workers, students, and investors goes hand in hand with the growth of its airports, creating a vibrant atmosphere where newcomers can play a part in Belgium’s prosperity.

Brussels Airport as a vital economic engine

Brussels Airport plays a vital role in Belgium’s economy, creating jobs and driving growth across various sectors.

As Belgium bounces back from the pandemic, the airport’s role in boosting the country’s economy will stay vital for its future success.