10 essential items for your trip to Europe

10 essential items for your trip to Europe

Whether you're backpacking through Europe or going on a luxurious vacation, there are certain travel items that you should always bring with you. From healthcare pieces to items that will make your journey more comfortable, here are 10 essential items to pack for your next trip to Europe.

[1] A valid passport and an approved ETIAS or Schengen Visa

Depending on your destination, you will most likely need an ETIAS or Schengen Visa is when travelling to a Schengen country. It is important to research beforehand so that you understand the requirements for either travel authorisation if you are not an EU citizen. An ETIAS can be obtained through an online application as it is a digital travel authorisation. It takes approximately 96 hours to process and once approved, is valid for 3 years and valid for stays up to 90 days per 180-day period. A Schengen Visa, however, will require a visit to the embassy and additional processing times for the application. Also, if you’re renting a car make sure to bring your driver’s license, as your passport is usually not a sufficient document for car hire. ETIAS will be a travel requirement for visa-free travellers starting in 2025.

[2] Travel insurance

Travel insurance is a great way to get protection against unexpected events before or during a trip. It provides assurance when it comes to the financial losses you can incur during your travels, as well as offers assistance and support if something unanticipated happens while you are away from home. When selecting a travel insurance policy, it is important to consider factors such as the length of the trip, your age, medical history, travel companions, the purpose of the journey and other potential risks you could encounter along the way. Having the right coverage in place can make all the difference if you ever find yourself in an emergency situation.

[3] Eurail pass for train travel

A Eurail pass allows you to explore Europe aboard comfortable, reliable trains while visiting the vibrant cities and stunning landscapes. With a variety of pass options available, you can pick the one that fits your travel plans and budget. Reap the benefits of flexibility as you hop on and off beautiful train rides between your destinations with ease. Above all, enjoy the convenience of unlimited train travels around dozens of countries across Europe.

[4] Comfortable walking shoes

Investing in a set of comfortable walking shoes is an essential part of any sightseeing trip. When you have the right footwear, you can explore for longer without sore feet. Good quality walking shoes are designed to be both supportive and lightweight, making them perfect for everything from a leisurely stroll around the block to an all-day sight-seeing tour. Walking shoes with ergonomically designed contours enable your feet to move naturally and can help reduce fatigue, stress, and strain on joints. With breathable materials and ample cushioning, comfortable walking shoes provide the perfect balance of supportiveness and flexibility for long-term wearability. Investing in a good pair may come with a price tag, but they will be worth it in the long run as they will provide lasting comfort and prevent painful blisters or sores when you’re out exploring the world. Comfort is key, so we recommend investing in a pair of walking shoes that are light but supportive. This way you'll feel comfortable enough to go on long walks.

[5] Quality luggage or suitcase

When traveling by air, it is essential to select a suitcase that offers durable construction and excellent performance. A good quality suitcase should be designed with tough materials such as reinforced sidewalls and extra padding to absorb shock during handling. It should also feature lockable hardware that securely fastens zippers, sturdy wheels to manage weight and robust handle systems which allow for easy manoeuvring while also maintaining its strength over time. For those who need a bag that offers protection against the hustle and bustle of air travel, investing in a well-crafted suitcase can make all the difference.

[6] Appropriate clothing for layering

Travel clothing should satisfy three criteria; it should ideally be lightweight, wrinkle-proof and weather-appropriate.

Lightweight - High quality, lightweight clothing provides an ideal solution for layering an outfit. With lightweight clothing, the layers won't weigh you down for an easy and effortless style no matter where you go. Lightweight clothing, such as cotton or light synthetic fabrics, are ideal during hot, humid days as they are breathable and wick away sweat but also provide good coverage. Whether you're looking to add warmth or a splash of colour, layering pieces together can really transform your look.

Wrinkle-proof - A good wrinkle-free material allows clothes to be packed down easily and stay wrinkle-free whether you’re wearing them or carrying them in a bag.

Weather-appropriate - Having clothing that is appropriate for the weather can make a world of difference in comfort and daily living. Additionally, appropriate outerwear is important to keeping warm on chillier days, such as a lightweight jacket or parka with a hood and insulation. Research the weather for your destination a few days in advance so you bring appropriate clothing in case of weather surprises.

[7] A scarf or shawl

The right accessory can make a difference in your comfort throughout the day. For example, a scarf or shawl is an excellent choice to boost any look, while also helping to keep you warm and cosy when temperatures dip at night. With so many choices in materials, colours and patterns available, you are sure to find something that complements your wardrobe and adds an extra layer of cosiness when needed. Investing in a scarf or shawl is a no-brainer for anyone looking for an easy-to-throw-on item that offers both style and functionality.

[8] Raincoat or umbrella

Being prepared for a sudden downpour is always important. No matter the forecast, having a raincoat or umbrella with you when you go out means that you can always be ready for anything. In the event of an unexpected rainstorm, having some kind of protection can make all the difference in how enjoyable your day ends up being.

[9] Travel adapter

International travel adapters are must when visiting Europe. The UK has different plug outlets compared to other European countries. The UK operated on a three-pin plug outlet, whereas other European countries operate on a two-pin prong outlet. Many travel adapters available for purchase allow for a single plug to satisfy the physical and electrical requirements for both the UK and EU.

[10] Personal items such as medication, toiletries and sunscreen

You may not be able to find your favourite toothpaste, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, soap or sunscreen while visiting Europe. Furthermore, getting prescription medications can be tricky if they are critical to your health. You may want to consider bringing a bag with your personal items, including medication, and make a list of the essentials so you don’t leave behind anything that is important or hard-to-find.


No matter where you're headed on your next adventure, be sure to pack smart and bring along these items that will make your trip more comfortable. Remember to pack light, yet thoroughly as you don’t want to be running around a new country trying to find essentials.